BWE 12 Inch Square Shower Head System 2-Functions Bathroom Luxury Rain Mixer Shower Combo Set Wall Mounted Rainfall Brushed Nickel Shower Faucet Rough-in Valve Body and Trim Included

Delta Faucet Pivotal TempAssure Matte Black Shower Faucet with Matte Black Rain Shower Head, Rainfall Shower Head, Matte Black Shower System, Matte Black T17T299-BL

KES Shower Faucets Sets Complete 10 Inch Rain Shower Head Shower Valve and Trim Kit Pressure Balance Shower System Matt Black, XB6215-BK

SR SUN RISE Brass 10 Inches Ceiling Mounted Shower System Brushed Nickel Bathroom Luxury Rain Mixer Shower Combo Set Ceiling Install Rainfall Shower Head System

ESNBIA Shower System, Bathroom 12 Inches Rain Shower Head with Handheld Combo Set, Ceiling Mounted High Pressure Rainfall Dual Shower Head System, Shower Faucet Set with Valve and Trim, Brushed Nickel

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Overview & Customer Review

I’m just a DIY guy, and with little help from professor youtube, I managed to renovate one of my bath (see the before and after pics). The installation manual, in some instances, didn’t seem clear to me, and I had to resort to the professor youtube and DIY forums for help. Each parts were packaged nicely in its own cloth pouches and then in its own foam sleeves. It was a 1st class packaging, and I was impressed. The package contained everything I needed, including tools, spare parts, temporary pipe plug, plumber’s tape, etc. The parts are solid and heavy, seems well made. the only issue I had was a tiny slow drips of water from the shower head, which I notified the mfg, and they sent me a replacement cartridge in a few days that fixed the issue. Their support was quick to respond and fast shipping, I was very impressed considering they’re in China. Overall, great product, great price, and great support. I will be buying another set for my other bathroom which I will be starting soon.

Shipped quickly, high quality, good pressure for waterfall shower head.
Our instillation was done by friend, but he had no trouble.
We redid our entire bathroom and so glad I choice this set. You can’t buy black in stock in our local stores

Its being 8 months and so far it being really good, for the price i think its really awesome. Im a handy man with diferent certification and i have work with diferent mixers and this one its a really good and cheap, i definitely recommend people to use this product, i will change my review if anything changes with time.

I purchased the 16 inch matte black kit for my newly remodeled shower stall, and I am in LOVE! The oversized rain-shower is amazing for my space, and the handheld is a bonus for rinsing my hair or bathing the dogs. For reference, my shower stall measures 3ft x 5ft. There is very little room outside the downpour of water with this size; but there is enough space for me to breath right outside of it, and the head DOES pivot and swivel to practically any position you need it to (including a side angle).

Because we completely gutted the entire shower (including the walls) installation and plumbing assembly was extremely easy. We did have to be very careful cutting out the openings for the handheld housing though – because of its small faceplate there is very little room for error. If the opening isn’t big enough you won’t be able to fully screw the attachment on, but too big and you’ll have gaps in your tile around it. The valve did have a really small leak at first, but we added a bit more tape to the fittings and that solved the problem. We waited 3 days to ensure there were no leaks (and there wasn’t after adding more tape) my best guess is since our pipes are older, we just needed a bit more tape then usual to get a good seal.

The handheld mount also has an attached swivel piece as well so you can adjust it up and down to get the proper angle you want. It also allows you to tighten it if you choose to not utilize the swivel aspect of it.

I purchased my first shower system in July 2018 for a bathroom remodel project. At the time, I was a little hesitant buying it based on a limited number of reviews, but was comfortable purchasing it on Amazon based on its favorable return policies. I had it installed by a professional and he used Pex water lines to connect the parts/system. I liked the product so much, I purchased 2 additional Esnbia shower systems based on the quality of the product. As other reviewers have noted, the brushed nickel is beautiful and the shower system is made with quality material and parts. The 12-inch shower head provides great water pressure and feels like you under a waterfall.

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