GE Electronic Window Air Conditioner 6000 BTU, Efficient Cooling for Smaller Areas Like Bedrooms and Guest Rooms, 6K BTU Window AC Unit with Easy Install Kit, White

Haier 6,200 BTU Ultra Quiet Window Air Conditioner for Small Rooms and Bedrooms, Control Using Remote, 6K Window AC Unit, Easy Install with Included Kit, White, Energy Star

LG 12,000 BTU Smart Window Air Conditioner, Cools up to 550 Sq. Ft., Smartphone and Voice Control works with LG ThinQ, Amazon Alexa and Hey Google, ENERGY STAR®, 3 Cool & Fan Speeds, 115V

BLACK+DECKER BD06WT6 Window Air Conditioner with Remote Control, 6000 BTU, Cools Up to 250 Square Feet Energy Efficient, White

Midea 12,000 BTU EasyCool Window Air Conditioner, Dehumidifier and Fan – Cool, Circulate and Dehumidify up to 550 Sq. Ft., Reusable Filter, Remote Control

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Overview & Customer Review

No complaints! Works great. Have had it running 24/7 for a couple weeks now. I have another GE window unit (5050 BTU) that is now discontinued, so I had high hopes for this to also be as good and it is.

It was delivered on its side with the box clearly stating DO NOT SIT ON SIDE showing, but thankfully it was not damaged at all. For that I blame Amazon for having just one person deliver a box that says Team Lift and HEAVY all over it. I think we throw enough $ at them to better equip their employees.

This was chosen because I have had good results with Haier over the years, this one is to cool a small 145 sq ft bedroom.
Compared to my four year old Haier 6500, this one is much smaller and more compact while rated to cool the same area of 250 sq ft max.
Installation in a side sliding window is a pain but doable, the AC has zero frilles, Cool, Eco, 3 fan speeds, fan only and delay timer.
Running in either Eco or Cool modes used the same power between 449 to 470 watts depending on fan speed.
Fan noise on a scale of 1 to 5 would be 3 for moderate noise….( you can sleep with it but…).
Cycling of AC is smooth and Thump free.
Air distribution blows out two channels but the right vent is much stronger regardless has very good fan forced effect!
Good build quality, very good support, it gets er done!

Pros- expandable sides screw into the body of the unit, Remote control, easy enough for one person to install, affordable, cools and drys my 16×20 bedroom quickly.
Cons- noticeable buzz from mechanism no matter which mode its in.
Adjustable vent is only adjustable left and right and not up and down.
Only Minor “cons”. I’m very happy with this unit so far.
Hot humid coastal Connecticut summer is just starting . I’ll provide a follow up review after a months regular use.

I finally installed this a.c after having it a couple of weeks because of the weather down here in the east and it works great. Blows ice cold air with alot of punch behind it and the remote works just fine. I’m giving this unit 2 thumbs up. I looked for a better deal and couldn’t find it.. definitely would highly recommend for sure! Thanks guys for excellent packaging as well

This AC is awesome. Elegant design, minimum noise, extremely quiet, Especially during the day, Barely audible. The design is very intuitive. Easy to use, good effect,Refrigeration speed is fast, And save electricity, The cooling effect is very good, Enough  for room, high efficiency, strong ability, The wind is strong. The wind covers a large area and the distance is far enough. It looks good in my room, For example After turning on the computer for an hour, the temperature of the room is very stable. Its installation,Disassembly and transportation are very convenient´╝îEspecially when you move, or want to remove it for friends, it is more convenient. Generally speaking,Such product quality,And product prices,It’s worth buying,So that’s my choice,I am satisfied.

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