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Overview & Customer Review

Very happy with the purchase. I fitted it myself and found the instructions to be very straightforward and easy to follow. Clearly some effort has been put into this.
The pro edition with the sensors are very useful and I’m glad I added this feature.
If I had to be nitpicking then I’d say that some work needs to be done on the time lag for the notifications. The lock open/closed notifications happen around 30sec to 1min after the action. Compare that to my Ring notifications which are almost immediate. Perhaps the LOCKLY servers are located in the USA only?
Either way, a great purchase. It is high quality and well made

I was worried after reading a lot of negative reviews on Amazon. But my experience was excellent.

It mounted in place of my prior deadbolt VERY easy. I had nothing but a philip’s head screwdriver.

I was able to install the app on my phone, create the account, add the lock to my account, sync to the lock to update firmware and set the passcode. All will zero effort. No problems, it walked me through the steps and it worked first time on ever step.

Honestly, I couldn’tbe happier that I chose this lock.

Easy to install, better than spending hundreds on August locks. Worked out the box, no hub needed. Solid metal and works great.

It sends notifications when it’s locked, unlocked or if the door is open or shut. You can schedule the door to unlock or lock at a certain time… you can also use geo fencing to unlock but haven’t done this. Also can set it up to lock behind you but with kids we turned this off.

If you use Alexa, to unlock you have to provide a code. It is nice to tie it into an Alexa routine when you are done for the evening.

If you leave the door open, it starts beeping.

It also has a ‘hub’ plug that just plugs into an outlet nearby.

Overall, fantastic and will probably add to the other exterior doors in the house.

Had an old keypad and after trying a few smart outlets and eufy cameras, I been liking the convenience of smart devices, but slowly making the transition due to financial limitations.
I wanted a smart eufy deadbolt but the fingerprint wasn’t something I wanted/needed, and price point was above my comfort zone for new products testing on my part.
Saw this on sale and though for a day it was the basic version, but after reading the description I noticed that this is a smart deadbolt minus the fingerprint option, at about a $100 savings when I got it.
Got lucky, no modifications needed on installation, was done in under 20 mins, everything is labeled by steps.
Integration with eufy security app is nice.
No complains as per 2 weeks of use, except for user error, I keep forgetting I don’t have to unlock manually.
If you don’t need fingerprint scanning, this is the best smart model from eufy at a great value.

Assembly and directions were great. I read the booklets first and thank gosh because we had a smaller door hole and I was quickly able to identify spacers vs if I didn’t know that was even option.

Be aware that if you want any wireless capability, you have to buy a separate “router” if you wish, that would connect you to your home WiFi and the lock.

I’m disappointed in that punching the code is about as far as the “smart lock” goes. There are also plenty of times that the alarm beep sound doesn’t go off when the door is opened but I think we need to adjust the sensitivity. It DOES go off when our toddlers hit the door ha!

Having done a lot of research, this is the look I wanted so we splurged, but in the great scheme of things, you could probably opt for all the other brands out there. I’m curious to see how long the battery lasts. We have a screen door protecting the main entry door so the lock and handle should be fine for a long time to come as far as the weather is concerned.

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