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Bestway SaluSpa Miami Inflatable Hot Tub, 4-Person AirJet Spa

Coleman SaluSpa Inflatable Hot Tub | Portable Hot Tub W/ Heated Water System & Bubble Jets | Fits up to 4 People

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Overview & Customer Review

Ordered this to try and help ease the fact there’s no vacation this year due to Covid. Very surprised it was delivered a week early! Setup was fast and easy. I used another reviewers advice and put some R5 insulation sheets under the hot tub and traced around the sheet that came with the unit. Filled up in a few hours and heated up in less than 2 days in our chilly Canadian March.
Super pleased with it so far, and have been in it most evenings.
Have not tried the pillows yet, nor the drink holder we ordered separately. We did order the Intex seats but haven’t received them yet.
Pool store near my home recommended liquid chlorine as it’s not as smelly as the pucks or granules.
Loving this so far. Will check back in a month for status update.

I have owned the huge 7 person hot tubs and the small coleman hot tubs…this one beats them all. I have it set up on a covered outdoor patio in 20 degree weather right now and it holds 104 like a champ. It does drop down to 97 after an hour of soaking with the bubbles on but absolutely no complaints as an hour is all I need after a long day of work. The app is great as I can set the temp in the morning while at work, and it is ready when I get home. It does take about an hour to heat 2 to 4 degrees so be prepared for that. I keep it set at 98 during non use periods with very little utility usage. If you are looking BUY THIS ONE!

This hot tub is easy to set up and can be put anywhere you have power to. It’s inflatable but it’s jets help inflate it in no time at all. Easy to change the temperature or turn on the heat or jets. The jets are amazing and calms the body in an instant. A must have if your looking for a easy to setup and use hot tub

I have had the SaluSpa Miami AirJet Inflatable Hot Tub for a month now and am happy. I have been looking at this particular hot tub for two years now and finally ordered it. I’ve looked at others and have looked at reviews for all and I decided that this was what I wanted to go with. Time will tell on how long it will last but I thought I would get a few initial impressions out there. It is larger than I expected and fits 2 people easily. I would not put any more adults in this tub except maybe a third but leg room would become uncomfortable after this.
I am happy with the 104-degree temperature. It is hot and I feel immediately soothed and relaxed. I was not expecting it to feel this warm because the reviews said it would not get extremely hot but it is hot enough for my husband and I. I live in a warmer climate and have it outdoors on a wood platform between it and the cement and it is protected under a balcony. It has stayed 104 consistently even in chillier temperatures around 42-50 degrees. It has dropped to strangely cold temps here a few days and it still does great and keeps it up. This is not designed for climates that are consistently under 40 degrees.
Set up was fairly easy and I pulled up some videos on the website by looking up Miami Jet. I am very happy it has a nice cover and the hot tub inflates itself with the heat pump provided. I have the chemicals needed and am finding it easy enough to maintain and not entirely difficult to understand. I ordered a chemical kit that had the necessities. I have wanted this tub for two years and I am actually happier then I thought I would be. The bottom is comfortable and thicker than expected. Its really quite nice and we have had company enjoy it as well. It surpasses my expectations at this point. I will continue to update in the following months.
Update- I have had this hot tub for several months now and my husband and I use it daily and sometimes more than one a day on the weekends (morning, afternoon, night) The bubbles are fantastic and the temp is quite hot. 104 is hot. I am so happy and thankful we have this. It is easy to take care of with chemicals and the filters are easy to change. We take the cover off together usually but its decently easy to take it off by myself and put it back on. So nice.
Update- we have had it for over half of a year and we use it every single day. It’s easy to care for and I use Bromine instead of clorine. I read Bromine withstands heat better.
Update- at the 9 month mark the hot tub heater began to leak. This has a full one year warranty and I was assisted with the issue quickly. Iwould buy this tub again. I still use it every single day as does my husband.
Update- if you ever get an Eo2 reading you may need to change the impeller. This is easy enough and it is called the active aqua impeller 400 gph. I used this on the old pump that was leaking and fixed it.
They do not fix parts on pumps. They send out a new pump if yours breaks under warranty. I fixed the internal part myself by watching a few YouTube videos. Just a heads up if it’s outside of warranty.
Update two years now- we moved and brought the hot tub with us. It survived and we are still using it every night. It’s even better this time of year when it’s cold. We would order again.

We’ve had this for over a year now and are more than happy with it! We really wanted a hot tub but were not willing to spend thousands of dollars on one. This one is very easy to set up, take down, clean, and maintain. Very comfortably fits 4 normal sized adults. Recommend the optional chairs but NOT the optional headrests. We use a waterproof floating light show that takes 3 AA batteries and bought all of our chemicals and testers at a local hardware store. We clean the filters every few days to a week depending upon use, and change them out when they no longer come clean, and change the water out completely about every month and a half. At that time I also wipe out the interior and exterior of everything as well as re-inflate the cover and tub as needed We set ours up in mid May and take it down in Mid October. You also have to remember to reset the GFCI switch every two days since it has an automatic shut off. We let it run non stop and don’t use a timer or anything. I even built an enclosure for it!

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