We all want to grow our own vegetables and harvest our own. But not everyone can satisfy this, especially in a limited living space like in a big city. The Click and Grow Smart Garden 3 product makes it easy for people to grow their own food, based on the automatic mechanism of providing water and light for plants.

Click And Grow Smart Garden 3 Indoor Herb Garden

Click and Grow Smart Garden 3 is a planter box that allows you to grow a variety of amazing plants. It has 3 compartments corresponding to 3 seeds or 3 plants. It is designed to be self-watering and it has the ability to hold water to properly water the seeds for about 1 month. Click and Grow Smart Garden is equipped with a smart LED system that automatically adjusts the light to match the growth rate of the plants. You plant the box with special pre planted soil and seed pods that come in handy peel and pop out packages fertilizer is already part of the soil. So you get healthy plants right from the start there’s no pesticides plant hormones or any other harmful substances. You can plant a whole garden with one crop or mix-and-match. The Click and Grow Smart Garden 3 is quite compact at a good size for a kitchen counter. There’s a bigger version called the smart garden 3 which can grow up to nine plant pods.

Click And Grow Smart Garden 3 Manual

Getting growing is easy just open up your soil and seed pods and pop them into the cups then add the small plastic biodomes to create a greenhouse effect fill the side opening with enough water to make the small float even with the top of the planter and plug it in and power up the lights. It’s worth noting that the lights of the Click and Grow stay on for 16 hours straight and then they turn off for 16 hours. So if you’re going to plug them in say at 5 p.m that’s when your day is going to begin in essence and they’ll be on all night which is not a problem. But if you don’t want to wake up to some bright lights at night you might want to plug them in first thing in the morning and have their day match your day. Once the plants start growing and reach the inside of the bio dome so you can remove them and save them somewhere safe for your next crop. Thanks to its energy-efficient LED lighting system the smart garden only consumes six watts of power.

Click And Grow App

There is an app for the Click and Grow system but I have to say it’s a bit of a disappointment. You’ll sign up for the app and then use the camera on your phone to scan QR codes for your plant capsules. You can also add them manually by just going through the database. The apps gonna tell you a bit about what to expect from your plant. How long a lifespan it should have and maybe set some watering reminders as well you can also create a photo album or a journal. But there’s not really any smart connectivity to speak of in the app. So you can’t monitor it in real time you can’t turn the lights on and off remotely for example or make any other adjustments. I think that would be a great add to the device in the future. But so far as I know it’s not in the works and it definitely doesn’t happen with this version of the Click and Grow.

Quality Of Plants Grown By Click And Grow Smart Garden 3

It was fun watching my seeds sprout and grow changing every day and after. Just about four weeks the basil I planted was big enough to begin harvesting after about three weeks. I needed to add one of the extenders for the lights since my plants were already touching it. I actually should have acted a little faster to move that light bar up since when I went to adjust it the lights were actually burning the delicate leaves just a bit more sunburn less fire if you get my drift after about a month I had three strong plant. I’d say it about this point they’re each about half the size of one of those pricey grocery store clam shells you can buy. I really fell in love with click and grow smart garden 3 device growing my own fresh herbs was a treat plus the fact that. This garden is so low-maintenance makes it really easy there’s enough water to care for the garden for about a month and that’s all inside here in the reservoir and the lighting self-timer keeps the plants growing regularly and evenly because the lights are placed directly overhead on this sturdy arm they grow straight tall and even the basil that came with my garden was sturdy leafy and vibrantly green. Another idea I thought of would be to plant your individual pods a week or two apart that would ensure that as they grow. You’ve got a constant and consistent supply when it comes to taste what are you getting. I’m gonna take a wee little sample of one of the leaves back here so I have to say I was really impressed with how good the herbs taste off of these plants at the grocery store. You can kind of sometimes get herbs that don’t taste very strong or very natural this basil is full of flavor it’s vibrant it’s strong and peppery and its really good overall. I can definitely recommend this device if you want to start growing more of your own food or even just your own fresh herbs for cooking this.

Click And Grow Smart Garden 3 Guide To Buy

Click and Grow Smart Garden 3 sells for about $109 on AliExpress and 175$ On Amazon and it comes with a starter pack of 3 basil pods and additional pods including everything from herbs to fruits veggies tomatoes even flowers. They’re all available from clicking grows website those sell for about ninety-nine for a three pack and they come with those soil pods of course.

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