smartphone hand grip with camera shutter is is a device that supports photography on the phone, chosen for photography enthusiasts. It works based on Bluetooth technology. Makes it easy to take photos while holding them in your hand or shooting from a distance.

What’s In The Ulanzi Capgrip Box?

Hi guys! it’s open up this box it comes with instruction manual and the Ulanzi CapGrip and that’s about it that’s no check out the parts of the Product. Product is black plastic material, removable camera button for taking pictures and the Ulanzi led light of the remote control when we flip it over. You can easily hold it in the palm of your hand. Under the device there is a screw that supports pairing with the tripod.

Ulanzi Capgrip Manual

You must have a Bluetooth connection to your phone to use the device. Connecting is relatively easy. Step 1: Open Bluetooth on your phone. Step 2: Hold the camera button on the device for 2-3 seconds (The ulanzi light is working). Step 3: Connect to the device named “ULANZI” on your phone. Finally, just press the camera button on the device to take a photo.

How to Install Phone to Ulanzi Capgrip?

To install the phone to Ulanzi CapGrip you got to do is position to the left and go under the phone grip and Slide the phone up words and that’s it very easy to install right. When the device is attached to the right side of the phone, your right hand easily presses the camera button to take a photo. If you use a phone with a case, You will have trouble attaching the phone to the Ulanzi CapGrip for some large sized cases. Because the clamp of the device is a little smaller than 4 inches.

Why Should Ulanzi Capgrip Smartphone Be Chosen?

Ulanzi Capgrip Smartphone is a device that supports taking pictures on phones. So you won’t need it if you don’t often use your phone to take pictures. It is a device that helps you to take pictures on your phone with a pose like a professional camera. In addition, if you intend to take pictures outdoors but no one is there to assist you, then this device is a good helper. The camera button on the device is removable. You can use the camera button to take pictures at a tested distance of up to 40 feet. Ulanzi CapGrip can act as a stand to keep your phone upright. This is a feature that many people don’t notice.

Ulanzi Capgrip Review

Overall product is great, build quality is also great, makes mobile really secure.
Shutter switch is operating in all apps due to its bluetooth connectivity. Likewise it’s detachable so would certainly be handy in group pictures or selfie scenarios.
BUT I really feel that the rate is too expensive for this set.

Accessories Related To Ulanzi Capgrip

Tripod is an indispensable tool for professional photographers. Nagnahz Phone Tripod helps to fix Ulanzi Capgrip, helping photographers have a good angle to take pictures. Tripod is ergonomically designed to fold easily with three portable parts. It has the effect of a person holding a camera. Putting the device on the Tripod helps you find creative angles without the help of others.

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