KEYUE TIG-200P Pulse Cold Tig Welding Machine TIG/COLD/PULSE/CLEAN/SMART/Au-Ag Cold Multifunctional Welder

110V/220V HZXVOGEN Tig Welder 2 In 1 Pulse Arc MMA Semi-automatic Welding Machine 2T 4T HF Argon Welding Fit 0.5-8mm Solder Wire

ANDELI AC DC TIG Welding Machine HF TIG/Pulse Multi-Function Aluminum Alloy Welder Smart Argon welding TIG-250

HITBOX Tig Welding Machines 3 in 1 Pulse Welding DC Pulse Argon Arc MMA Welder Semi-Automatic Machine TIG200P

S SIMDER 110V/220V Tig Welder 2 In 1 Pulse Arc MMA Semi-automatic Welding Machine Argon Welding

Top 05 Best Tig Welder On Banggood

Overview & Customer Review

Probably on delivery, broken hardware safety glass, broken ceramic tube, containing the electrode Tig burner. Delivered quickly, the machine working. Mode MMA, idling takes 48-49 watts, terminal voltage of the 72,5 volts, the other modes under 17-18 volts with fan cooling. Machine like

And so the welding came to Kursk in five days a very bad transport KCE, which can never deliver anything or have to go pick up itself. By welding: packed in a thick box and plus air bag is clear, All the whole without damage, wires and a soft sleeve are made qualitatively, someone wrote that inside everything should be pulled up, opened looked tightened, all the adjustments work perfectly. fully tested on welding and MMA modes and Tig everything is super, the device works quietly, as someone wrote that he strongly hums Tig this does not work gently and quietly, the seller is very sociable with all the questions. I’m completely happy with this device, I hope that it will work for a long time. Seller and welding recommend.

Very satisfied with the delivery of goods. Ordered 14.07.22 from Russia (Moscow). Master Card paid. Received the goods 18.07.22. Super. Completeness is complete. Packing is great. Very pleased. I haven’t had time to cook yet.

The device is strong, one minus there is no instructions for Russian, I’m trying to understand the method of the rear of use, before that, varil MMA, so for so long in in and so not a bad device for such funny money, for the garage is the most it. Delivery is fast, about a week. In general, while satisfied.

  • Input Voltage:110V/220V (220V option)
  • Frequency : 50/60 HZ
  • Rated input capacity : 6KVA
  • No-load voltage : 56V
  • Output current adjustment : 10A-200A(Real current:140A)
  • Rated output voltage : 25.6V
  • Gas time : 1-5S;
  • Load duration : 35%
  • No-load loss : 45W;
  • Efficiency : 85%
  • Power factor: 0.7;
  • Insulation class: F
  • Shell protection grade: IP21S
  • Weldable sheet thickness: 0.5MM-3MM
  • Tungsten needle diameter: 1.0MM-2.0MM
  • Product Dimension&Weight:32*26*13cm,3.5kg

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