LOXJIE A30 Desktop Stereo Audio Power Amplifier & Headphone Amp Support APTX Bluetooth 5.0 ESS DAC Chip With Remote Control

AIYIMA D03 Bluetooth Amplifier 150Wx2 Stereo HiFi Sound Amplificador Subwoofer Amplifiers USB DAC OLED APTX DIY 2.1 Home Audio

Fosi Audio DA2120C Bluetooth Amplifier 120W x2 Stereo HiFi 2.1 Channel Wireless Stream Class D Mini Power Subwoofer USB DAC AMP

AIYIMA D05 Bluetooth 5.0 Power Amplifier 120Wx2 Sound Amplificador Subwoofer Amplifier USB DAC OLED APTX 2.1 Home Theater

BRZHIFI Hot Sell DC200 ES9028PRO ES9038PRO DAC Decoder USB Interface CSR8675 Bluetooth-compatible 5.0 Remote Control Audio Amp

Top 05 Best Home Amplifier On Amazon

Top 05 Best Home Amplifier On Banggood

Overview & Customer Review

Hi everybody! I rarely write reviews, but now I decided to write-suddenly someone PR fit my conclusions. A little Prehistory: I have a stereo system of the average price range (by the standards of Hi-Fi). These are Klipsch rp8000f floor speakers and a hybrid integrated stereo amplifier Vincent sv-227. The sound of this bundle is excellent for my sound passion (I listen mainly to Depeche Mode and similar in the style of the team and performers). All would be nothing, but a year after a year and a half there was a rather strong noise howling background, the fault which became Vincent. I will give it to repair, and not to stay without music, I decided to buy a temporary option to replace. I chose a long and courteous, I did not want to spend much on a replacement amplifier. In the end, he stopped at loxjie A-30. I received this amplifier today at the post office. There are no complaints about the delivery. I will not stay here. Now, as for the sound-for its cost, it works honestly, but to the sound that gives out devices worth 10 times more (like Vincent) to him.

For that price I accept the quality and sound produce. It is use to connect to my home TV. Though it is quite a long time to deliver using standard delivery, the advantage to me I don’t have to apply electrical permit ( Malaysia custom, very trouble some to apply far away from my home town) Delivery using courier Dhl, Gedex, or other express service require to apply electrical permit impose by custom dept. entry point of embarkation.

Cool amplifier, great sound, many settings, through the optics of words no, through aux too sound super, you just need to correctly configure, connected the vinyl turntable with the USB vinyl sounded like it wanted. I recommend to purchase, as well as the seller and the store. Delivery took a week. Everything is super, I wish the seller all the best!

Bought in the calculation for sharing with the TV set-top Xiaomi mdz-18-aa via USB. Unfortunately, nothing happened. I had to connect via RCA to the TV. Pleases the presence of an exit to the sub. The output works and when the signal is delivered with RCA inputs and with Bluetooth. Power with a margin, 4 columns energy rc-10r-1 shakes on hurray, room 35 sq. m. Sounds like a bang.

Ordered 09.04, received 11.05 in Moscow, to deliver the DPD service. The seller made a $5, though promised $10, but oh well. Take d-200, 4th version. A top cover, looked all meet the операционникам and chips. The sound, not expect such gains as a. Sound smoother, clearer, more transparent, plates and bells, forward left middle, clearer did hear the bass and drums. To this sound was with the company, фубар, through mobile DACs Fiio k3pro now understand, A cut sound I listened to. Now залип and re-переслушиваю its фонотеку, seemed to have changed my old not аудиофильский ressiver pioneer 818. Parallel ordered межблочный and network cable, which already waited DACs two weeks. The manufacturer’s website found the wood into Windows 10, connected through ASIO, it works. Thank you, answer questions promptly, and sent the machine quickly without delay. Found out about this DAC channel around stereo, very satisfied with the purchase.

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