Bluetooth Home Audio Amplifier System – Upgraded 6 Channel 750 Watt Wireless Home Audio Sound Power Stereo Receiver w/ USB, Micro SD, Headphone, 2 Microphone Input w/ Echo, Talkover for PA – Pyle

Multi Channel Bluetooth Preamplifier Receiver – 2000 Watt Audio Home Speaker Sound Stereo Receiver W/ Radio, USB, Headphone, Aux, RCA, Dual Microphone W/ Echo, Led, Wireless Streaming – Pyle P2001BT

Wireless Bluetooth Home Stereo Amplifier – Hybrid Multi-Channel 3000 Watt Power Amplifier Home Audio Receiver System w/ AM/FM Radio, MP3/USB,AUX,RCA Karaoke Mic in – Rack Mount, Remote – P3301BAT

Rockville BluTube LED 70W Bluetooth Tube Amplifier/Home Stereo Receiver with Blue Illumination, Optical Input, Sub Output

Bluetooth Multi-Channel Hybrid Pre-Amplifier System – 3000W Home Audio Rack Mount Stereo Power Amplifier Receiver w/ Radio, USB, UHF, Dual Wireless Karaoke mic, Speaker Sound System – Pyle PWMA4004BT

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Overview & Customer Review

I purchased this system to run 10 speakers in my personal game room. I wanted to swap out a home theater receiver that could be used elsewhere in the house, and free it up for console gaming. I was skeptical at first if this system could run as many speakers as it claimed. Thus far, with 10 speakers attached, and two more on the way, its handled the load quite nicely. From tower speakers, to smaller cubed speakers I have all kinds of different speaker types, and brands, attached. Bluetooth has worked well, even from across the room and hasn’t lost the signal or caused any problems. Thus far, with very little time under my belt (maybe about a week), its turned out to be a fun alternative to have in the game room. I’ve ran it about 6 hours a day, to put it through the ropes, and make sure I don’t have a dud. In all that time, it barely registered as “warm”, and didn’t lose my BT signal. I have yet to use any of its other features, including the headphone jack, USB or MicroSD slot, so, those may never be tested.

Nevertheless, its achieved what I desired for my D&D room, immersing my players in sound, running additional speakers, and connecting to BT without any problems. So far, so good 😉 If anything happens within the next few months, I will definitely update it here.

Luv this new Reciever….it has plenty of inputs to house my Sub, Home Speakers, Tv, Video Games and my Girls Microphone..Also to be able to adjust the highs and lows helps make this Reciever a Notch above the Rest..Koodoos 2 Pyle for knocking this one out the Park..

The sound quality and features fit my budget and needs. Bluetooth connected easily, but still had trouble staying connected to my phone when I wasn’t close to it.

As a new user of this type of product I’d like to see more videos and documentation to help me get more familiar with the included features and how to use use them. Some tips for best way to set up with indoor and/or outdoor speakers, wiring, etc. for inexperienced users would be helpful.

Be warned: this unit is a member of similarly distributed models based off of a Chinese basic platform, which allows distributors to apply their own labels and markings. It is similar to NobSound, Mistral, etc. Some Youtube videos claim the vacuum tubes are simply for show. I have found this claim to be FALSE. The tubes strictly color the Bluetooth circuit of the preamp. Therefore, channels 1 and 2 have no preamp; which accounts for the signal db change among the three channels. If you want to run a phono through this hybrid, you need to have a turntable with built-in preamp, OR run the phono through a secondary preamp before running through channels 1 or 2. I switched tubes from the included Chinese manufacture to a set of European manufacture and immediately improved the voice of the bluetooth audio! This is a very affordable entry-level hybrid amp with tube compliment and nice tone controls. Don’t expect it to compare to $10,000 all-tube systems. FYI: because it uses a solid-state power section, the bass is tight and distinct. Most all-tube designs have an ambient loose bass voicing.

Pro: sounds great with the right speakers, good looking, easy controls, good build quality, PRICE of course.
Cons: Bluetooth LED is too bright, blinks incessantly when not connected (I stuck a wedge of electrical tape over it—THAT annoying), assuming tube preamp is only in the Bluetooth circuit but that leaves room for you to buy a really nice tube preamp for your Phono signal path.
Generally, an excellent audio buy!

Wow. I took a chance because of the price. I didn’t know much about stereos but I purchased a pair of Polk speakers and connect it to my outdoor patio.

It has been awesome. The sound quality is amazing. It works well with Bluetooth. I connected it to the tv outside. The microphones make karaoke night and partying a blast. The remove controller is weird and could use some updating. I’ve pretty much put it to the side and just manually adjust the volume and sound.

But it’s definitely worth the price. I’ve been keeping it outdoors and it’s been holding up well.

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